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Eco Charger

Whipping vegan and animal cream can also be done climate-neutrally: With the iSi professional chargers of the Eco series.

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Soda Charger

The iSi Sodacapsules bring the fizz to your drink creations. As the centerpiece of our Sodamakers, the perfectly coordinated system ensures sparkling enjoyment. The capsules are compatible with all soda machines.

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Nitro Charger

Looking for drinks with a special touch? With the iSi Nitro System, beverages can be infused with nitrogen, giving them a smooth, velvety texture.

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Eco Whip

The new iSi Green Whip from the future-oriented “iSi Eco Series” is characterized by its outstanding performance in the preparation of both vegan and dairy cream, and thereby enabling cost and carbon footprint savings per serving.

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Cream Profi Whip

The perfect whipper for fresh whipped cream for beverages and desserts. It can be used in the back of the house for banquet service or tableside use for that fresh whipped cream finish.

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Thermo Whip

The tool that connects to the gourmet whip, for stunning flavor creations at the bar or in the back-of-the-house. Cocktails, sauces, syrups, and marinades are easily crafted using the rapid infusion tool.

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Gourmet Whip

The ultimate kitchen tool for warm & cold applications. Perfect for banquets to drop a dollop on soups, salads, or appetizers before service.

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iSi Nitro

No tubes. No taps. No hassles. The only handheld system that produced creamy and delicious nitro brew. Portable, it can be used during corporate meetings, in the lounge, and mini stations.

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Soda Siphon

We call it “Delicious Theatre” – authentic soda water not from a “gun.” Excellent for the lounge/bar, special event cocktail hour or outdoor events.

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Thermo Xpress Whip

The essential tool for self-serve fresh whipped cream. Create countless flavor variations for the dessert or beverage station at your next event.

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For additional questions or product information, please reach out to an iSi representative directly by email or phone:

Carol SullivanNational Accounts Manager-Foodservice

Heidi HinkelDirector of Foodservice Sales

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